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Medication Safety

Medication Safety

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ISMP to Assess U.S. Hospitals Regarding Medication Safety Practices

AdverseEvents Launches Innovative Drug Side Effect Reporting

ISMP Launches 2011 Assessment of Medication Safety

Medical Center Selects McKesson’s Pharmacy Automation to Advance Safety Initiatives

ISMP Medication Safety Alert! The Power of Storytelling

ActiveHealth Management includes FDA Safety Alerts in clinical decision support

Eclipsys showcases medication safety and efficiency at ASHP

Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare Articles

ISMP: Scanner Beep Only Means the Barcode Has Been Scanned

Medication Safety: The “Other” Healthcare Reform Movement
More often than not, increased reliance on technology is seen as the primary action for improving medication safety. Yet the sizable investment required by many...

Medication Safety: Using Automated Heparin Protocols and CPOE to Reduce Errors
When the Joint Commission adopted a National Patient Safety Goal requiring hospitals to reduce the likelihood of patient harm from the use of…

Medication Safety: Does More Health Information Equal Better Health Decisions?
When consumers have more information, do they indeed make better decisions? With the availability of a variety of magazines and newsletters documenting the best this and the best that, do we as consumers make better decisions for our lives?

Smart Pumps: Advanced Capabilities and Continuous Quality Improvement
The introduction of "smart" (computerized) intravenous (IV) infusion pumps in 2001 signaled a major advance in medication safety.

Medication Safety: Compliance Made Easy: Understanding USP 797
Outsourcing can great aid pharmacies, hospitals and other providers in maintaining compliance with USP 797.

Medication Safety: The “Other” Healthcare Reform Movement
While most mainstream media coverage in recent months has framed discussions of healthcare reform around issues of access and cost management, there is an equally critical type of healthcare reform evolving within hospitals that impacts nearly every patient—improving medication safety.

Medication Safety Technologies: What Is and Is Not Working
Hospitals have made enormous investments to improve practice and implement  safety technologies. How far have we come? Where are we now?


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