EScreenz™ Improves Communication and Enhances Patient Safety

Rochester, New York—EScreenz is a new internal communication solution that transforms screensaver technology into an effective communication medium. Originally developed for hospitals, EScreenz broadcasts multiple slide show messages on desktops, laptops – even big screens - throughout a facility across various locations. Intranet, Internet and SharePoint sites are enhanced because users can click on the screensaver to directly access any web page or document online. In addition, targeted messaging allows for slides to go to specific departments.

In the event of a critical situation, an urgent message can be displayed - interrupting the user mid-keystroke.

With a centrally-managed dashboard interface, EScreenz is easy to maintain. “We tried to roll it out slowly by doing one department at a time. However, we had several departments call and ask about the screensaver and when they could get it on their computers, so we just opened it up to all departments at once. Before long, directors were sending us information they wanted placed on the EScreenz screensaver,” says Pauline A. Garcia, BSN, RNC, IBCLC, clinical educator at Uvalde Memorial Hospital in Texas.

“It has been great working with a company with whom absolutely everything goes off without a hitch. [EScreenz] is an excellent and timely way to communicate with staff,” says Garcia.

About EScreenz
EScreenz is an award-winning application that improves internal communication and provides enhanced employee safety. Learn more at