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ECRI Institute Takes Steps in Improving Health IT Safety

The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, an innovative and collaborative multi-stakeholder effort, took important steps in improving health IT safety at its first in-person meeting held in September at ECRI Institute's U.S. headquarters outside Philadelphia.

NPSF Names Don Berwick and Kaveh Shojania as Co-Chairs of Expert Panel on Patient Safety

The healthcare field has made significant effort to accelerate patient safety since publication of To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System, the Institute of Medicine’s groundbreaking 1999 report on medical errors.

National Patient Safety Foundation To Provide Oversight of Research Study on
 Pneumonia in Hospitalized Patients

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), a central voice for patient safety since 1997, will provide oversight for a research study that is seeking a better understanding of non-ventilator-associated hospital-acquired pneumonia (NV-HAP).

New Patient Safety Center at VA Pittsburgh Evaluates Medical Products for National Use

The Department of Veterans Affairs has established the new Center for Medical Product End-user Testing at VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. This center, based at the healthcare system’s University Drive campus, is responsible for evaluating medical products before they are purchased and used to treat Veterans at VA medical facilities across the country.

HHS Proposes Path to Improve Health Technology and Transform Care

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has released Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap Version 1.0. The draft Roadmap is a proposal to deliver better care and result in healthier people through the safe and secure exchange and use of electronic health information.

Call to Action on Transparency in Healthcare to Improve Patient Safety

Open communication and a free flow of information represent the “magic pill” needed to improve many of the issues in healthcare related to safety, according to a new report released today by the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute.

Case Analysis Examines Vulnerabilities in Diagnostic Process

Understanding a problem is prerequisite to fixing it. For a newly released report, CRICO Strategies analyzed more than 4,700 malpractice cases related to diagnosis to determine patterns of error, where problems are most likely to occur, and how to most effectively improve diagnosis.

ECRI Institute Releases Top 10 Healthcare Technology Issues for 2015

The latest healthcare technologies and care process innovations are pounding on hospital doors and looking through windows—and they want in. Will they actually improve patient care or inflate hospital budgets for infrastructure, capital equipment, and physician preference items?

ABMRS to Offer Professional Credential in Magnetic Resonance Safety

Experts in magnetic resonance safety have formed a new organization, the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS), to provide testing and certification for professionals working with magnetic resonance.

Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety Relaunches to Improve Patient Safety

Named for a Boston Globe reporter who died after a chemotherapy dosing error 20 years ago, Massachusetts’s Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction has once again opened its doors with a revitalized mission to reduce medical errors and increase patient safety.

New Coalition Focuses on Continuous Patient Monitoring

Matt Whitman, a retired Michigan state trooper, strode to the lectern at the front of the room in downtown Chicago and made a startling announcement: “On April 17, 2003, I died.”



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