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Capsule Introduces its Next Generation Point of Care Connectivity Solution

Andover, MA, May 26, 2009 — Capsule (, the leading provider of medical device connectivity, announced the release of the Capsule Neuron™, the first intelligent, touch screen platform for managing device connectivity at the bedside.

The Capsule Neuron platform is a touch-enabled bedside device that can communicate wirelessly and features display of connectivity status at the point of care. The bedside display not only gives clinicians continuous assurance that all devices are connected to their patients and automatically sending data, it delivers the added benefit of alerting clinicians to a connectivity problem if and when it occurs. And, clinicians can rest assured that patient data will not be lost during network outages and EMR downtime because Capsule’s DataCaptor™ software performs data buffering, a process that collects and stores patient data and uploads it upon re-connection.

“Getting patient data more efficiently into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) has become a bigger priority for healthcare organizations as it is a direct contributor to patient safety and improved clinical workflow,” said Tim Gee, Principal of Medical Connectivity Consulting.  “The Capsule Neuron technology is an integral component of Capsule’s upcoming solutions that will address timely industry challenges such as patient device association and positive patient ID.  It is very exciting to see how these issues facing hospitals, which are increasingly moving toward using Electronic Medical Records, are being solved by technology companies such as Capsule.”

“Capsule has been an important device connectivity partner for us for years,” said Ken Fuchs, Director Systems & Connectivity Engineering, Dräger Medical Systems, Inc. “Healthcare organizations today are looking to get more of their medical device data connected into their Clinical Information Systems (CIS’s) and EMRs because they understand it improves clinician efficiency as well as patient care.  We believe the Capsule Neuron is a key ingredient of Capsule’s upcoming product suite, and immediately benefits our customers through timely connectivity status updates right at the bedside.”

About the Capsule Neuron platform
The Capsule Neuron is Capsule’s Next Generation Bedside Platform for managing device connectivity. It is a touch screen device equipped with its own docking station that provides a universal view and status of connectivity for all devices connected to a patient, including devices that are connected locally to a Capsule Neuron docking station and devices that are networked via the hospitals’ wired or wireless LAN. And the Capsule Neuron provides the basis for an expanding set of solutions to enable improved bedside workflow and enhanced patient safety.  Initial features of the Capsule Neuron include:

  • Touch-enabled, interactive information display at the bedside  - The bedside display feature not only provides clinicians with the ability to always know which devices are connected and sending data, but will also immediately alert the clinician to a connectivity problem for quicker troubleshooting.
  • Wired or Wireless Communication – The Capsule Neuron platform features wireless communication.   It can communicate to the Capsule server via either a wired Ethernet connection in the docking station or via a standard 802.11 b/g wireless connection. This feature provides flexibility for mounting and deployment locations. For those hospitals implementing a wireless strategy that do not want to bear the incremental expense of installing Ethernet cabling at each bed, they now have a solution.
  • Improved Fault Tolerance – The Capsule Neuron platform features local processing, filtering, and caching of data to ensure that patient data is not lost.

The Future of the Capsule Neuron
The Capsule Neuron is an expandable platform that enables future solutions to solve a number of complex clinical workflow and patient safety related issues. The platform will be field upgradeable and will support wireless medical devices, auto-sensing, proximity association, and quality management reporting.

“We are excited to introduce the Capsule Neuron  to our customers who have been looking for a better way to get accurate, timely connectivity status updates at the bedside for devices located locally and through the network,” said Mark Morwood, Vice President of Product Management  at Capsule.

“The Capsule Neuron is an integral piece and the first component of our upcoming connectivity solutions that will address important issues such as positive patient ID and association as well as mobility and wireless connectivity.  We are deploying our solution in a series of stages with software that will be field upgradeable and loaded on to our new platform, and are actively working with our device and information system partners to ensure that our solution is part of their product roadmaps.”

The Capsule Neuron is available now from Capsule for order; orders will be shipped on or around July 2009 . For more information please visit or call (978) 482-2327.

About Capsule
For more than 10 years, Capsule has been the world's leading, award-winning provider of solutions for medical device connectivity. The company has established market leadership through its 510(k) cleared software and medical grade hardware products, its unique expertise in device protocols and firmware, and through its strong partnerships with major medical device manufacturers and HIS companies. Capsule’s solutions are proven, with over 350 installations at leading healthcare facilities worldwide and its technology is secure, with the largest device driver library available in the industry - over 400 and growing. Furthermore, Capsule is continually recognized as the leader in the industry receiving the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Leadership Award as well as the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 EMEA Awards.  And, with the introduction of the Capsule Neuron platform, Capsule will continue to be the leader, by working with their partners to develop and implement solutions that meet the short and long term patient safety needs of hospitals today.  For more information, please visit the company's Web site at or contact the Company's U.S. Marketing & Public Relations at 978-482-2337.


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